Gud NEWS!!!

Salam..uwah!! udah lama tak update blog saya ni..dah naik bersarang dah ikonikon dalam ni..tapi takpe sekarang tengah menerai untuk update tiaptiap ari (sempatkah??)..Alhamdulillah..saya akhirnya dah dapat status permanent..tak siasia berhempas pulas mengerah tenaga bekerja..akhirnya everything is paid off..time frame for status contract to permanent shud be 1 year but I got it earlier than I was expected..Thanx so much for my beloved manager, Ms Wong..She never give up to train and teach me on business activities...from zero to hero..haha..and the most important person that I will never forget to thanx to is my MOM..She is the person that always pray for my success..and ofcos to ALLAH,THE MOST GRACEFUL & MOST EVERYTHING..eventho there have a lot of unforgiven and sad stories behind that, I noe its all trial to make me be more patient and strive..and the effective date of my permanent is 1st July 2012..


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