4 MENS in my life :

1. My lovely husband ,Mohd Khairul Anwar B. Nor Said
He is my soul, good listener, protective, charming, kind and my MrAllHeCanDo...
I met him on 2005. We are in the same class at university. He become my best friend and we fall in love to each other and become lover since Dec 2007. Now, he is my husband and I love him with all my heart and he is my everything. A night without him is a nightmare for me.

2. My supportive dad, Md Hodari Bin Abu Rahim
He is an ambitious person, politician, good investor, friendly, talkative, multi-task person, thinking so much, can influence people and also MrAllHeCanDo. I know he has gone thru so many thing in his life. His life goes up and down. But, I believe deep inside his heart that he love my mother more than anyone else. I believe, he is trying so hard to be fair to everyone. I believe he has his own reason for what was happened in this few years.I love him so much even I cannot see and call him often.

3. My Rock&Roll brother, Abdul Hadi Bin Md Hodari
He love music so much.He guitar skill is so good. He has a lot of hobbies and, playing guitar , drawings, jamming, mechanics, gardening and so on. I'm very grateful coz he always be there for my mom. Look over her when she is sick and need help. I knew that I cannot be there as you did. I knew that u did so much to mom and take care of her. Thanks for being with her and I appreciate all your sacrifices. Everyone love you and you are the best brother that I ever had.

4. My cute little nephew, Abdul Syukur Asyari Bin Abdul Hadi
His smile and 'keletah' can make my tears runs down everytime I miss him. He is our family precious gift. Aunty hope that you will be a good son for ur parents. Aunty want you to know that everyone love u so much coz u bring laughter in our family. Aunty will always remember and will never forget the day that you comes to me with a bottle of lotion and want my help to sweep on ur skin. Its look funny when u said that u are in pain..what a clever boy at 2 years old know how to reduce skin rashes with sweeping lotion on ur skin..I love u with no doubt. I miss u so much baby. To hear ur scary voice when i try to fetch u. Ur cute voice when u calling me ' Ti...Ti'..what a blessing moment that I have with u..

My MANS...I just want u to know that I am missing all of u right now. Wish that I can tuck u tightly when we are meeting soon.


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