Convo Job UiTM Shah Alam 12 May-20 May 2012

Dear All,

Very tired sgt2 recently due to need make some preparation for UiTM Convo Job yang dah nak start on 12 May till  20 May 2012..need to buy a lot of thing for fresh flower bouquet yang bakal dijual..tapi nasib baiklah buat bisnes ni ngan geng yang sekepala..walaupun penat and limited masa utk tidur, tapi happy sgt2 sbb dapat opportunity ni lagi sekali..tak percaya gak masa dpt offer tu..tapi alhamdulillah coz everything going smoothly and work within,jom cekidaut gambar2 di booth kami sepanjang konvokesyen kali ke-76 UiTM Shah Alam..

Fresh Flower Rose Bouquet
A rack of fresh flower bouquet
Special Convo Bear with Fresh Flower
Upside down Artificial Bear with Flower-SOLD OUT
Our Front view of Flower Booth-BU9
Entry side
Round Bouquet for Fiz on her convocation
me as back crew..struggling decorating & wrapping fresh flower


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